A small kennel of high standards. All animals are part of the family. Puppies are born within the home (kitchen) and introduced to family life right from the their first breath, they are also given a lot of tender loving care.

Temperaments are my first priority, without this the dog is no good to man or beast.

Dual Purpose potential: I have sold for family pets, companions, working trials, obedience homes.
I have sold dogs to the Police and to the Guide dog Association. My stock visit retirement homes, schools and Discover Dogs promoting this lovely breed.

I only breed occasionally, so I can boast having  a waiting list. I am as particular to whom I sell, as most are from whom they purchase.

  Pups are tattooed.

Yes I do like to keep in touch, and I am pleased to say that over 30 years many  people have returned to re-purchase pups from me.
I consider I gain a "friend" with every pup sold.
If you feel you can continue the education of a "Cermar Puppy" in the same caring way that I have started, please contact me for further information.