November 2002 - Help needed with Research

Stomach/digestive problems - healthy dogs are needed to be involved research on stomach and digestive problems (free faeces and DNA test form part of the research)

Panus and cataracts - older healthy dogs are needed to be involved research

DM - new research: Please can anyone who wishes to participate in this new research that has a dog diagnosed with DM apply for further information via one of the below contacts

Bloat - Have you had a GSD or family group that has had this problem? If so please contact us

October 2002 - News

We are pleased to report to our many supporters that the Intestinal Research project was successfully launched. We sincerely wish to thank participants for their assistance.  We can still accept effected animals associated with the above problem. Clear healthy animals are also needed for the control studies.  Queries have been voiced over the use of an endoscopes, this will only be used if the animal is affected and the treatment is required to progress further.  We have been assured that feedback will be given to us as soon as results are available.

It is rather sad that we also have had many queries on Epilepsy.  Please be aware that a problem could occur, check pedigrees.

Auto-Immune Disease and the problems associated with it appear to be rising. The forms being seen are skin ailments - anal furunculosis - furunculosis appearing between the toes, proving difficult to treat, often accompanied by SLO, the loss of toe nails etc.   We have two experts to whom we can refer people.  They have done much work for our breed and have provided a very successful treatment for this problem (This is nothing to do with the excellent CIMDA project a worthy and well supported programme run by Cambridge for the Beardie group).

We are excited to announce the Group has been approached by a researcher who is prepared to do more RESEARCH for the breed on DEGENERATIVE MYELEOPATHY.  We still hold the list of nearly 200 owners who owned GSD's correctly diagnosed with this problem The list of owners will be submitted to the researcher, unless anyone wishes to withdraw.  IF THIS IS THE CASE please contact one of us and we will prevent their entry from going any further. Please note this is new research.

Hypothyroidism queries have also been emerging, this relates to the thyroid gland. Signs include behavioural changes, coat loss etc.  The success rate in treating this is very high.  But the correct test has to be performed in order to diagnose the problem.  We have a person who is prepared to do the test. If you wish to make use of it, talk to your Veterinary Surgeon and further details can be made available for the Vet.

If anyone is interested (at a small charge) in information, just contact one of us.

A big thank-you to all those people who have assisted researchers participating in research etc. also the Researchers, Veterinary Prof's and Veterinary University's who have given their continual support and advise.

To OUR DOGS, BREED COUNCIL MAGAZINE, DTW, BAGSD and DOG WORLD for printing the Groups UPDATES, thus assisting us all to make our much loved breed a healthy one.

News - April 2002

DM Research

Dr Brian Catchpole and his team are still continuing with the DM research. He has informed me that his student has been setting up blood analysis for normal dogs and is now starting with the DM cases. Preliminary results suggest that DM is not like MS after all. They have not been able to detect nitric oxide metabolites in serum of DM patients, unlike MS patients. He is waiting to see whether the blood analysis gives them anymore clues.

EPI & SIBO Research
I am pleased to announce that our researcher is now in a better position to do more research on this problem. Those people who have taken the trouble to fill in the questionnaire that we produced with the correct results of the most important TLI test, will be contacted in the near future requesting a blood sample, which will help further into finding an answer to this distressing problems.

EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) - Information for German Shepherd Dog owners
If you would like further information on this condition, please contact Dorothy
We would appreciate hearing from people who have had results back from the TLI test (EPI test).
If there are any owners/breeders who are willing to become involved in this research, please contact me as  soon as possible.


DM Research

Dr Brian Catchpole and the group wish to thank the owners of GSD's who participated in the Degenerative Myelopathy research.

Your help has made it  worthwhile for the research to continue.

Dr Brian Catchpole will now be working with blood samples collected through the owners Veterinary Surgeons.

Reports will be sent out after further research is done. As soon as we receive any information, relating to the results of the research, it will be posted on this site.


Once again, many thanks for your support, it has been greatly appreciated.


General Research Updates

Research updates are released in the following publications, when available:

Breed Council Magazine
Dog Training Weekly
BAGS Magazine
Our Dogs
Dog World

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the researches and the GSD Owners Info Group, to thank the above publications for their support, along with those who have already been included in research.

Hopefully then, the following need never be said again I love the breed to bits but it has so much wrong with it!